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50 Shades Of Toys

50 Shades Of Toys

Posted By on Apr 27, 2016

There isn’t a woman in this world who hasn’t heard about 50 Shades of Gray and its author E. L. James. Worldwide phenomenon, as they call it, has brought us a new look at BDSM world and that not just everything has to be a taboo.

But, how many of us would decide to enroll on a journey what Anastasia Steel and Christian Grey have?

Many people like to experiment in bedroom department and not just everyone like a plain vanilla sex. In this article, we are going to present you some of the sex toys that will stir up your excitement and open up your senses.
Bullet vibrator – this is a perfect toy to start our list and probably one of the best on the market. It is designed for clitoral stimulation. The interesting thing about this device, if you want your sex to be a litter kinkier, submit to your partner’s will and let him decide where and how hard he will buzz you.

Vibrating penis ring – while the bullet only stimulates you, vibrating penis ring will increase the excitement at both. Even though it’s small, don’t be fooled by its size, once you slip it on your partner’s penis, both of you will start to feel its simulations.
Nipple clamps – if you want to be more daring, but not just too much, nipple clamps are an excellent choice for foreplay. Chests are one of the most sensitive areas on the human body and they can easily bring your libido up. Whether you are going to use it, or your man, don’t worry about the pain, they won’t hurt, but they can bring you immense satisfaction.

Door swing – ever wanted to try sex while standing, doesn’t sound too comfortable? With this door swing, you can let your imagination loose and indulge in this fantasy. The sex will be much more comfortable and you will be able to enjoy in this fantasy.
Feather teaser – this is a perfect tool for soft and erotic foreplay. Introduce your partner with this toy and give him a control to play with your most delicate parts of the body. For better and more ecstatic experience close your eyes and let the filing guide you. Some people are known to orgasm just with this.
Basic kit – if you are into light bondage, but not with something that will overwhelm your senses and make you scared, start with a basic kit. You can tie up your partner, or you can let him type you up, just use simple wrist and ankle restraints and blindfold is a must. You will submit to his control, lose your senses and the party can begin.

Pinwheel – a little pain won’t kill you and you can exercise just the right amount of it with this pinwheel. It looks like a pizza cutter, but a prickly sensation that this toy provokes will make you goosebumps appear.

Spanking paddle – this toy brings the excitement onto another level, with the proper use, of course. Your partner should be a real master in the bedroom to produce you an excitement and not to cause you a pain in the process.

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